International horse transport is what we're good at


Wellbeing and service for your horse

For us, the wellbeing of your horse is at the heart of all our activities and the benchmark for everything we do. We view the horses entrusted to our care not as cargo, but as passengers with individual needs. Every horse has its own unique character, with its individual temperament and individual needs, which we willingly cater to – especially during the actual transport itself. After all, only a horse that feels completely comfortable and at ease can perform to its best. Therefore, we plan all our horse transports down to the last detail and also carry them out with exactly the same degree of care. Our trained and highly experienced personnel who accompany the horses on their journey give them the reassurance and attention they need in their unaccustomed surroundings.

A long tradition in horses

The Johannsmann horse transport business has grown out of a traditional horse family in Germany’s Westphalia region. The father was a highly respected Westphalian horse breeder, while the brothers are successful in showjumping, horse breeding and racing, and also in riding fashion. Thanks to the starting capital provided by an aunt, Johannsmann Transport-Service GmbH has developed from a one-man business into a company that currently employs 17 people. Started up in Gütersloh in 1975, we now travel not only to all European countries, but also to destinations in Western Asia and North Africa. We have recently started using high-performance truck chassis from MAN, while continuing to rely on the safe and reliable bodies from our traditional horsebox supplier Niehoff.

Dependability is the result of farsighted planning and focus on safety

In our transports, we leave nothing to chance - everything is planned down to the last detail. That naturally includes route planning using the very latest technical aids, plus perfect care and attention to the animals. The most important thing for any transport, though, is safety.
The interior of our transporters is designed to be as flexible as possible, giving every horse the space it needs in order to feel safe and secure. Additionally, the horse can be accompanied by someone from its home stable throughout the transport.
And as a further measure: the horses are kept under constant CCT surveillance so as to be able to intervene at any time to ensure their wellbeing.