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Horselover behind the wheel

Dezember 2018

This film shows why our drivers know that horses are special guests and need special treatment


Caro and Oscar

Inside 24/2018

Caro is trucker and horse enthusiast at the same time and therefore perfectly right for Johannsmann Horse Transportation. Read how she persuaded the coldblood Oskar to go on tour with her:


Johannsmann gets a new truck

November 2017

Johannsmann Horse Transportation has expanded it car pool with a new truck, coming from Scania. The individual construction of the horse transporter an the boxes is done by our longterm bussines-partner Niehoff.


Being calm is what counts

Magazine for Breeders, Juli 2017

Horse-Expert Friedrich Johannsmann has 40 years of experience in transporting breeding horses. He knows what needs to be considered when transporting a stallion or a mare with her foal. He explains it in the Magazine for Breeders.


Specialist for Lippizaner

German Newspaper NW, 1.3.2017

For Friedrich Johannsmann horses are individual clients


Top Athletes on four legs

German Public Television WDR, 5.7.2016

The olympic horses travelled with Johannsmann-trucks from the airport to the olympic stables


The horse-chauffeur

Top Magazin 4/2016

What do the olympic-equipe and our neighbours pony have in common? They drive with Johannsmann


Horses without fear of flying

SZ Online, 29.7.2016

Arrival in Rio with German know-how - four trucks of the horse-transportation company Johannsmann are waiting for the horses


Cavalos Olimpicos

Official video of the olympic games


In profile: Friedrich Johannsmann

(Reiter Revue International 5/2012)

Friedrich Johannsmann is a specialist in the transport of horses. He will also be responsible for carrying the four-legged competitors to the Olympic Games in altogether six trucks. Riding his motor bike, he is already in the process of checking out the best routes to and in London.


Family gathering at the 2012 Olympics

(NW Gütersloh 172, 26.7.2012)

There are no fewer than four members of the Johannsmann family from Ebbesloh involved in the Games in London.


Investment in MAN trucks

(NW Gütersloh 295, 20.12.2011)

Johannsmann invests for the Olympics.