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At the heart of all our activities is the wellbeing of your horse.

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Place your trust in an experienced horse transport business

Arranging for the transport of their horses is a difficult matter for many people, especially when the horse is having to travel for the first time and they are looking for the perfect horse transport service. With us, both you and your horse can look forward to receiving first-class and loving care and attention. Whether novice horses or experienced competition animals – we at Johannsmann horse transport services, with over 40 years of experience to draw on, can be relied upon to transport your horses safely, reliably and with careful attention to the animals’ needs throughout Europe and neighbouring countries. We also regularly carry out international horse transports to countries as far away as Russia and North Africa. Trips to countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, France or Italy are among the most commonly requested services of our horse transport business.

Read what customers have to say about us as a horse transport firm. For many horse owners, the name “Johannsmann” has become synonymous with horse transports. And that naturally fills us with pride.

We have made transporting horses a practical science

When you entrust one or maybe several horses to our care, you can be sure that trained and certified horse specialists will be involved in the transport of your animals. Through decades of practical experience, we have developed managing the complexities of transport, ensuring the individual handling of your horses, taking care of all the formalities and providing first-class transport facilities into a science, and it is this that forms the basis for our sustained success as a horse transport business.

The ideal vehicle fleet for transporting your horses

For most long-distance, complex horse transports, we use horse boxes that are custom-built for us on truck chassis supplied by MAN. These offer the highest travelling comfort for your horses. In some cases, special conditions - such as space restrictions at smaller stables - prevent the use of full-size transport vehicles. In these cases we use horse trailers from Böckmann. As these are extra-wide, they also ensure stress-free travel for your horse.

Our love of the animals is the basis for our success

Making your horse feel comfortable and at ease throughout the journey is the most essential precondition for ensuring that it can perform at its best. If you, as the rider, are to get the best out of your horse at an away competition following a lengthy journey, you need the transport of your mount to be handled by an absolute professional. We at Johannsmann are passionate about our services as a horse transport business. As a horse-loving family based in the Westphalia region of Germany, we have been steeped in the traditions of horse breeding and horse transport for generations. We plan every transport of animals from the home stable to their destination and back with the greatest care – and leave nothing to chance. Whether you are planning to enter your horse in a competition abroad, to travel to Portugal for additional rider training or to move your animals to different stables within Germany: Johannsmann horse transport services can offer the best means of transport for your horse or horses.

Ask about our transport services

Book our easy horse transport services and place the transport of your valuable animals in our capable hands. To find out about your individual horse transport costs, send us an inquiry using our easy-to-complete contact form. Or if the transfer of your horses involves more complex challenges, give us a call and we will discuss the matter directly by telephone.

Please bear in mind: Horses are not just freight. For us, the wellbeing of your animals is the benchmark for everything we do, for only a happy horse is one that will perform well. As a provider of horse transport services, this has been the guiding principle for Johannsmann for more than 40 years. So be sure to put your trust in our skills and abilities whenever you have horses that need to be transported!