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At the heart of all our activities is the wellbeing of your horse.

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Our personnel are qualified horse people.

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Place your trust in an experienced horse transport business

Horses are demanding clients. Especially when they have to travel for the first time. With us, your horses are getting first-class travel and loving care and attention. Whether joung or experienced horses – you can rely on Johannsmann Horse Transport Service, with over 40 years of experience, to transport your horses safely and with careful attention to the animals’ needs. We transport throughout Europe and neighbouring countries. Trips between Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, France or Italy are among the most commonly requested services of our horse transport business. But we also regularly carry out international horse transports to countries as far away as Russia and North Africa.

Read what customers have to say about us as a company. For many horse owners, the name “Johannsmann” has become synonymous with horse transports. And that makes us proud.

Our drivers are horsepeople

When you entrust one or maybe several horses to our care, you can be sure that trained and certified horse specialists will be responsible for the transport of your animals. We offer the transport and also take care of all formalities.

The ideal vehicle for transporting your horses

For long-distance horse transports, we use horse boxes that are custom-built for us on truck chassis supplied by MAN. These offer the highest travelling comfort for your horses. In some cases, special conditions - such as space restrictions at smaller stables - prevent the use of full-size transport vehicles. In these cases we use horse trailers from Böckmann. As these are extra-wide, they also ensure stress-free travel for your horse.

Our love of the animals is the key for our success

Making your horse feel comfortable and at ease throughout the journey is the most essential precondition for ensuring that it can perform at its best. If you and your horse want to be a successful team, you should put the transportation of your horse into the hands of an absolute professional. We at Johannsmann are passionate about our services as a horse transport business. As a horse-loving family based in the Westphalia region of Germany, we have a long tradition of horse breeding and horse transport for generations.

Ask about our transport services

Book our horse transport services and place the transport of your valuable animals in our hands. To find out about your individual horse transport costs, send us an inquiry using our easy-to-complete contact form. Or give us a call and we will discuss the matter directly by telephone.