Equine transport needs experienced horseman to do the job


Personnel with the necessary know-how

Our personnel are highly trained, certified horse lovers who are always pleased to assist in meeting your wishes for the good of your horse.


Jan Novotný


“I spent many years travelling with Thomas Mühlbauer and his stallion “Asti Spumante”. However, Thomas is now devoting more attention to his farm in Bavaria, so I have come to work for Friedrich Johannsmann. Thanks to my Czech roots, I know what’s what in Eastern Europe.”

Marcel Lüdemann


“During my farming apprenticeship, I always enjoyed dealing with the technical equipment at Ganschow Stud Farm. Having been born and bred in Mecklenburg, I especially enjoy driving in Scandinavia. And being given the biggest MAN to drive is not bad either.”

Helmut Wortmann

Procurement Manager

“When the telephone rings here, it’s usually me that answers. You can discuss your transport wishes with me, and you can rely on me to make every effort to put them into effect. So far, I’ve succeeded in most cases.  So I look forward to hearing from you.”